Project Intact

Our vision is to raise public awareness of boys’ circumcision in Finland and advocate prevention of non-medical circumcisions done to underage subjects. Our stance is based on human rights, on the concept of child’s rights, sexual rights and the protection of bodily integrity.

Project Intact is funded by Finland’s Slot Machine Association (RAY). The project is run by the project coordinator who has an advisory group, which consists of specialists from the fields of medicine, child welfare, gender equality, sexology, human rights and ethics.

In Finland, the boys’  non-therapeutic circumcision is mainly done in our Jewish, Islam and Tatar communities due  to their religious demands. These communities are rather small in numbers, the muslims being the largest with their 140.000 representatives.

Our constitutional law forbids any harmdoing to minorities and underaged. Finland also has ratified the Children’s Right Declaration. Yet, our High Court does not condemn circumcision, for it is seen as an act of  freedom of religion and hence not a punishable procedure.

From these premises Sexpo Foundation started a pilot project to educate about and to prevent and abolish boys’ non-medical circumcision in Finland.

Tiina Vilponen
Communications Manager
+358 50 432 3461